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DeArt Gallery is an NFT Studio developing innovative NFT collections & Community Platforms on the Harmony Blockchain.

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Our Collections

DeArt's collections are designed to stand out in the growing and crowded NFT Space. High quality art, cool concept ideas and innovative mechanics are fused together by DeArt's team to generate a line up of unparalleled products in the Harmony Blockchain.

Mint O' Taurs

Spread across Labyrinth City live the Mint O' Taurs. A total of 5050 specimens ranked in 5 different social groups called NFTiers: Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Within the city walls, the Mint O'Taurs train and compete for a higher status.

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Q3 - 2022

Collection #2

The machines are already controlling us, and it is too late to reverse it now. Advanced robots with sophisticated AI are taking the world by storm and replacing human workforce everywhere. In Mexico for example, they are already being hired as entertainers.

Q4 - 2022

Collection #3

I was rearranging my entire bedroom the other day. I found a pig costume in my closet from who knows when. Also, I wondered why I kept such a thing...dear lord....what I was thinking?... anyways, it gave me a pretty cool idea.

Q4 - 2022

Collection #4

Medieval times seem like the coolest of them all, but have you ever thought about how complicated and inconvenient some things were back then? Wouldn't it be nice to have a mix of modern commodities and services with good old medieval lifestyle?

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Community Platforms

In addition to the collections, DeArt intends to use NFT technology in many other innovative ways as well.

D-AR Mobile App

By the use of Augmented Reality mechanics, DeArt's NFTs will be brought into the real world. D-AR Mobile App will be available for free.

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ONE for ALL Movement

This is a charity initiative DeArt will start in order to raise funds and donate them to different causes all around the world.

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Loyalty Program

By holding DeArt's NFTs you become a True Collector.
True Collectors will get multiple benefits such as:

- Early Minting
- Tier Discount
- Free Passes Giveaways (Ex: Training Pass for the Mint O' Taurs)
- Development Sneak Peaks
- & much more

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About DeArt

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

DeArt's Gallery team is formed by a group of people with plenty of experience in Graphic Design, Game Design, Product Design, 3D Modeling, Concept Art, Character Design, AR, and of course, DeFi and the Blockchain Technology.

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- Product Development

- Mint O'Taurs Development
- Site Launch

- Mint O'Taurs Launch
- Launch DeArt's Collection #2

- DeArt's Discount

-D-AR App
- Launch DeArt's Collection #3

- Launch DeArt's Collection #4

-ONE for ALL Movement

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